Lake Simcoe Water Walk -- so much caring currency

by: Paul Baines
21:15 Aug 19 2017 Lake Simcoe (Waawaasaegaming)

Lake Simcoe Water Walk -- so much caring currency Lake Simcoe Water Walk -- so much caring currency Lake Simcoe Water Walk -- so much caring currency
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
The 4th Waawaasaegaming (Lake Simcoe) water walk encircled the lake and created many circles of connected water protectors. From August 9th to the 18th about 50 walkers took turns carrying the water and staff. Every step was a prayer for the waters in this Anishinaabe and women-led walk.

On August 15th I had the honour to walk for the water and at the end of the day I gave the walkers a small pile of Great Lakes Commons Currency -- also called our "currency of care".

Let’s imagine that the value of money is tied to the quality and availability of water to serve life in the Great Lakes basin. Since we are water, the water’s benefit is our benefit. We know economics is a sub-system of ecology and our money system should reflect this, not subvert it.

The back of the note says:

This note is priceless. Unlike money, its worth is not based on scarcity, ownership, or debt. This note's worth is based on our collective actions to care for and protect water.

This note was created by Great Lakes Commons -- a grassroots effort transforming water governance across borders. We gave each of our Commons Charter supporters 10 of these notes to animate this shared vision.

Let's imagine how we can align value with our values.

CHECK OUT the links to find out more, add your support to this Charter, and get ready to have 10 of these notes mailed to you.

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Janice Wing (Aug 20 2017)
We All need water!! Time to care!
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