Walk for Water in Wellington

by: Arlene Slocombe
contact: wellingtonwaterwatchers@gmail.com
13:55 May 29 2016 Guelph, Ontario

Walk for Water in Wellington Walk for Water in Wellington Walk for Water in Wellington Walk for Water in Wellington
Why should we work towards a Great Lakes Commons and how ?
On May 29, 2016 about 100 people walked 12 kilometers from Guelph City Hall to the Nestle packaged water plant in Aberfoyle.

The walk was organized to highlight people's deep concerns with Nestle taking 3.6 million liters of water a day for profit and now wanting a 10-year permit approved by the Province of Ontario.

The repeating chant for the walk was "water for life, not for profit".

The walk was organized by Wellington Water Waters with support from Save Our Water and the Council of Canadians. Great Lakes Commons joined to offer its support and role connecting people across the bioregion. GLC spoke about other communities organizing against the commodification of water - and the rising 'commonsification' movement.

Everyone got a Great Lakes Commons sticker for their reusable water bottles.

All photos by Carl Griffin - check out all 22 photos on the Flickr link.

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