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Share your worry and wisdom on this collaborative map. Help mark and make a water-commons for the Great Lakes with data, discussion, and story.

Water is not a product or playground, but a commons. Its value is based on how well we share and protect it as a source of life, not as a resource. The Great Lakes are not an inheritance to gamble with, but a gift we are borrowing from future generations. We need a new set of cultural, economic, spiritual, and legal agreements that awaken our collective duty to keep these waters alive.

Each dot on this map tells a story. Add yours to multiply the bonds and power between all those who are committed to revitalizing these amazing waters. Explore the rest of this site to learn more about a Great Lakes Commons and then please share your own story when ready.

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Use the + and – buttons on the top left side of the map to zoom in and out. Use your cursor to drag the map in any direction. Click on a coloured circle to read, watch, or comment on a Story. Use the ‘Filter Reports By’ menu at the top left corner of the map to only show Stories in a chosen Category. Use the ‘Layers’ menu to learn more about the Great Lakes.